Instructor Bio

Training & Development Coordinator

Nicole Bergman, MA, CTRS

Nicole believes how we live, is how we age. As a health and wellness professional she is passionate about developing training that inspires caregivers to elevate seniors' overall health, wellness and quality of life.  Over the past 15 years Nicole has supported and led recreation and wellness teams regionally and nationally within different settings including clinical, residential and community. Through Engaged Lifestyle Solutions, Nicole continues to develop and facilitate training and resources for busy health care professionals who are committed to raising the bar and delivering excellence in their respective areas of practice. Nicole also consults with organizations and companies who want to identify how their caregivers can more effectively connect and enhance the health and wellbeing of those they care for. Nicole has a BA in Sociology, a BSc in Therapeutic Recreation and a MA in Applied Health Sciences. She is also a CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) through NCTRC and has taken extensive certification and continuing education training in the area of fitness and movement. If you'd like to learn more or have any questions please reach out at